How To Use – Brushdoc

How To Use



Step 1 - Grab a dirty makeup brush
Step 2 - Add water to the max line of your Brushdoc
Step 3 - Wet your makeup brush and dip it in your Brushdoc cleansing oil or cleaning solution. Tip: use your lid to help you!
Step 4 - Turn on the Brushdoc and clean! Tip: gently rub your makeup brush off the silicone mat and the whirlpool of water for best results
Step 5 - Gently dry your clean brush in a towel and move on to the next one!


Please note:
  • Do not touch the rotating parts or round mat during use.
  • Do not allow children to operate this machine. Store the machine out of the reach of children.
  • Make sure the cup is fully closed in the base before operating the machine.
  • Clean one brush at a time.
  • When pouring water into the cup, keep the water level under the max water level of the cup.
  • The machine should only be used when water or other liquids are inside the container, covering the round mat and under the maximum water level.
  • Do not wash the base of the machine with water. Do not submerge the base in water. If water is allowed into the switch or charging port, the machine and/or logo will be damaged.
  • We do not recommend using a high alcohol solution (over 70%) in your Brushdoc as it may damage the silicone mat.

Charging your Brushdoc

  • You should charge your Brushdoc for at least 6 hours before it's first use to ensure the battery is completely full. 
  • Plug your Brushdoc charger in to the charging port at the base of your machine until a red light appears indicating that your Brushdoc is charging. When the battery is full, the light will turn white.

Note: if a red light doesn't appear straight away, try the following to resolve:

  • If there is a button underneath the base of your Brushdoc, press this to activate power in your machine. This button is a new feature which helps prolong the life of your battery (see pic below)

  • If a red light still doesn't appear, leave your Brushdoc plugged in on charge for at least 6 hours until you see the red light coming on. It should then charge your machine and turn white once fully charged.

Cleaning your Brushdoc

It's important to clean your Brushdoc device regularly to prevent dirt and bacteria buildup. Follow these steps to clean your Brushdoc effectively:

  • Add warm/hot water to the Brushdoc, filling it past the max line
  • Put some dish soap into the Brushdoc
  • Press the power button to activate the device
  • Let the Brushdoc run for a minute or two
  • Dispose of the excess water and rinse the device thoroughly
  • Wipe the cup and mat with a clean cloth to ensure they are clean as well.