How To Use – Brushdoc

How To Use



Step 1 - Grab a dirty makeup brush
Step 2 - Add water to the max line of your Brushdoc™
Step 3 - Wet your makeup brush and dip it in some soap or cleaning solution. Tip: use your lid to help you!
Step 4 - Turn on the Brushdoc and clean! Tip: gently rub your makeup brush off the silicone mat and the whirlpool of water for best results
Step 5 - Gently dry your clean brush in a towel and move on to the next one!


Please note:
  • Do not touch the rotating parts or round mat during use.
  • Do not allow children to operate this machine. Store the machine out of the reach of children.
  • Make sure the cup is fully closed in the base before operating the machine.
  • Clean one brush at a time.
  • When pouring water into the cup, keep the water level under the max water level of the cup.
  • The machine should only be used when water or other liquids are inside the container, covering the round mat and under the maximum water level.
  • Do not wash the base of the machine with water. Do not submerge the base in water. If water is allowed into the switch or charging port, the machine and/or logo will be damaged.
  • We do not recommend using a high alcohol solution (over 70%) in your Brushdoc as it may damage the silicone mat.