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Brushdoc™ Makeup Brush Cleaner - €65

Our Revolutionary Brushdoc™Makeup Brush Cleaner is our flagship product which takes all of the hassle out of cleaning your makeup brushes. Simply add water and some soap to the device and watch how the specially designed silicone mat cleans your brushes effortlessly in seconds.


Brushdoc™ Cleansing Oil - €20

Our revolutionary Brushdoc™ cleansing oil cleans your brushes and sponges like no other. Add a small amount of cleansing oil to your makeup brushes or sponges before placing into the brushdoc device, and watch the oil emulsify with the water and melt away any stubborn makeup. The cleansing oil is specially designed so that it doesn’t leave any oily residue, and also kills bacteria thanks to the tea tree oil infused into the cleanser.


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I wouldn’t be the best at cleaning my brushes. But was so impressed with the Brushdoc!!! So easy to use! My brushes where like brand new! I’ve already purchased one for my sister for Xmas!!


Absolute life changer, I cannot recommend this product enough! This portable, user friendly, sleek device is perfect for cleaning all your makeup brushes - no matter what size! It saves on time, mess and wasted water. Not only did the Brushdoc clean my foundation brushes but I discovered when adding a small amount of water it nearly dried my brushes too. The feeling you get when you see the excess makeup coming off the brush is such satisfaction. I wish I knew about this sooner - great gift idea too!


FINALLY… a revolutionary brush cleaner that actually lives up to just that - REVOLUTIONARY. I’ll be honest, cleaning my brushes is something I have always put off because it’s 1. Time consuming and 2. Messy… I started using Brushdoc and no joke it’s a game changer - I actually enjoy cleaning my brushes and it’s 1. Quick and 2. Clean and best part of all I’ve noticed a huge difference in my makeup application and my skin has really cleared up. This is the makeup brush cleaner you didn’t even know you needed. HIGHLY RECOMMEND


LOVE the brushdoc! So easy to use and cleaned my brushes in no time! I've ordered another for a gift!  


I love using the Brushdoc to clean my makeup brushes, it has made one of my least favourite jobs, quick, easy and hassle free. The shape of the Brushdoc means that there is very little mess, you are not standing at the sink for ages with water running. I sat at the table and had all my brushes cleaned in a few minutes. I used much less water too, so I feel that I am doing my bit for the environment. It had my foundation and cream bronzer brushes super clean in no time at all, I was amazed. Brush cleaning is not a job I dread anymore, Thanks Brushdoc!


I’ve used the Brushdoc a few times now and every time it’s just so much better! It makes such a difference to the effort that cleaning brushes takes, I'm very keen to keep on top of them so I don’t get a build up of product but this just takes out the mess and hassle too! It’s a neat machine too - no parts or bits attaching so I am more inclined to bring away with me so I’m not overusing dirty brushes. I’d really recommend it to anyone looking to keep on top of their brush cleaning and makeup artists too! Fantastic product and just what all girls need for their makeup station 


How To Use

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